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Document Services

PB&H Benefits will work closely with you and your investment advisors to educate you about your options and to help you set up the plan in a way that best benefits your business and your employees. Whether you are establishing a brand new 401(k) plan, or converting an existing one, you can count on us to get your plan up and running as quickly as possible with a minimum amount of fuss.

All 401(k) plans are required to have a Plan Document - a written document which stipulates specific plan provisions such as employee eligibility requirements and the different allowable types of contributions permitted in the plan.

There are two directions to take when considering a 401(k) plan document - a custom plan or a prototype plan. Custom plans are expensive to create and maintain, and are subject to particular IRS scrutiny whenever they are filed for updates and maintenance. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring your plan documents remain in compliance due to ever-changing Internal Revenue Code (IRC) requirements.

Many employers opt for a pre-approved plan document or often referred to as a prototype document.

Prototype 401(k) Plan

Prototype 401(k) plans contain standard plan features and are designed for use by employers as a lower-cost alternative to custom plans.


IRS prototype adoption agreement and plan document allow you to customize your plan for:
  • Plan eligibility requirements and compensation definitions
  • Vesting provisions
  • Match, no-match and profit sharing options
  • Safe Harbor design available
  • Roth 401(k) provision
  • Pro-Rata, Integrated, Age-Weighted, New Comparability profit sharing formulas

Cost Savings

  • Competitive pricing on all amendments and document changes required by law
  • Plan Sponsor-requested amendments are processed for minimal fees
  • Using pre-approved documents does not require the services of an attorney specializing in ERISA law to draft the plan document


PB&H Benefits prototype plan documents and summary plan descriptions (SPDs) are designed to comply with the Internal Revenue Code and ERISA. Amendments are issued as necessary to help you keep your plan in compliance as legislation changes. Your plan administrator has access to a toll-free number for plan administration help and assistance
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